New Technology

Computer Driven New Dental X-ray Machine

Dr Ross has always been conservative and very careful about the use of Radiation. It is important to see things such as infection, cavities, cracks, etc. that might be missed with just a visual inspection.  Dr Ross never routinely takes x-rays, rather he evaluates each person’s mouth and recommends the minimum  X-rays based upon need/the situation.

A new dental computer driven dental X-ray machine enables Dr Ross to get clear pictures without gagging.  There is no film, no sensor, no plates or wires in your mouth to cut your gums or cause a gag. The radiation is less than most televisions and can easily show/share the pictures with you.

Sterilization Procedures & Safety Precautions

Strict sterilization guidelines are adhered to including the use of ultrasonic and autoclave
processing.  Regular training sessions are attended to stay up-to-date on the latest OSHA and Center for Disease  Control Guidelines.  Our sterilizers are monitored and tested  by an outside service to insure its effectiveness.  Universal Precautions and single use disposable items such as drill heads & suction tip are among the Standard Operating Procedures that insure safety.


Few patients want to endure years of wearing metal braces.  Now you don’t have to!
A new technology in orthodontics called Invisalign has been proven as a safe and effective alternative to old fashion metal or plastic braces.

Invisalign uses a series of clear, almost invisible, removable aligners to straighten teeth and improve smiles.  These unique, custom-made aligners move teeth in a sequence of very precise increments.  The length of treatment, averaging  a year or less, involves changing aligners approximately every two weeks.   Unlike braces or fixed appliances, these clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush or if you have a special social occasion.

Ceramic (*White) Fillings

Until recently, dentists used a silver and mercury mixture called Amalgam or Silver filling.  This material is very controversial because of the toxic and potentially hazardous nature of the mercury component.  Some countries have actually passed laws to outlaw and ban these old fashioned silver fillings.   The new ceramic filling materials (often called composite or porcelain fillings) are stronger, safer, and more natural looking. Dr.  Ross is an expert at applying these new filling materials. So say good-bye to metal mouth and hello to a beautiful, healthy new smile.

Tooth Bleaching

Bleaching is a safe, effective and relatively easy means of producing  a whiter smile.  Dr  Ross offers several options for whitening your teeth.

In-Office bleaching-   Using the Rembrandt Virtuso System a  special gel is applied to your teeth that is activated by a safe laser-like light.  In about 1 ½  hour, stain and aging signs are removed with a significant increase in your teeth’s brightness.

At-home bleaching-  Dr Ross can have a custom applicator fabricated and instruct you on
the simple use of this whitening technique.  At your convenience you can apply a special
gel  to your teeth with this custom applicator.   Dr  Ross will make sure that you are comfortable with the entire process.  The amount of brightness achieved is dependent upon how often you utilize your custom home bleaching system.

TMJ Bite Splints

For decades dentists were unsure of how to treat habitual clenching or grinding that would result in premature wear and erosion of the teeth and jaw joints.  Many tried soft cushions similar to the athletic guards sold in sporting good stores.  Unfortunately, these only encouraged additional chewing or grinding  like a soft piece of chewing gum.

New CAD/CAM technology has given Dr. Ross the ability to fabricate a custom bite guard that acts to balance and stabilize a  crooked or imbalanced bite.  A properly made bite splint is like when you have a wobbly table in a restaurant.  The waiter puts a matchbook under a leg of the table, so that it is temporarily stable.  A TMJ bite splint made by Dr Ross will have the same effect .  Many fractured , cracked or excessively worn teeth, as well as Joint Pain, headaches and TMJ problems can be easily remedied.

Dental Implants

This new technology has become the treatment of choice to replace a missing or hopeless tooth.   What was science fiction 10 years ago is now a routine part of Dr  Ross’s Dental Practice.  The placement of a dental implant  is now  easily and painlessly achieved with the latest techniques.  The life expectancy of  dental implants is superior to most other options for replacing missing teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are often used to lighten stained teeth, close gaps, realign cracked teeth, reshape malformed or broken teeth and improve compromised smiles.  You can change the shape, color, shade, position, and length of teeth with veneers.  They are thin, durable, stain resistant, thin shells of specially fabricated porcelain.  These are custom made to fit your teeth and designed specifically by you and Dr.Ross to create your ideal smile.  The recent improvements in this veneer technology  means that they will stay bright and strong for many years.

Non- Surgical Gum Treatments

The treatment for gum disease depends upon the severity of the infection present.  The earliest stage, called gingivitis, is inflammation of the gum tissue.  If the disease progresses it spreads down into the bone and foundation of the teeth.  More advanced stages, called periodontitis, involves loss of foundation and infection of the supporting bone.

Traditional treatment for many of these conditions involved the surgical cutting and removal of infected tissues.  Dr. Ross offers non-surgical treatments that utilize the application of new medicines with special applicator technology.

Digitized  X-rays

All radiographs can now be stored electronically and if necessary easily copied or emailed to specialists and insurance companies.  More importantly, you can view a magnified and enlarged view of your x-ray that is easily seen, as Dr.Ross explains the nature of your situation.

Laser Cavity Detection- Diagnodent

One of the most important things that Dr.Ross does for his patients is to identify and fix cavities.  Even the smallest spot of decay or rot can threaten the integrity  and life expectancy of a tooth.  Therefore, finding cavities early is the key to preventing serious problems.   Conventional methods of cavity detection included picking at the enamel with a sharp, pointed instrument.  Dr.  Ross can use this new laser powered technology, called Diagnodent, to investigate and detect cavities.  With Diagnodent, detecting cavities is fast, easy and painless.


Dr.Ross wears customized surgical telescopes (2.5x-3.5x)  or uses a special dental microscope (2x-10x).  The better a dentist can see, the better a job can be done.  With normal 20/20  vision an edge can be finished to .5mm, but with magnification that same edge can be made more “watertight” to .1mm.   Which would you rather have on your new crown or filling?

Digital and Intra-Oral Cameras

Photographs assist Dr. Ross to visualize better and help communicate.   During your initial
Examination a special intra-oral digital camera will be used to take a close up photograph of each tooth.  This painless and quick process is provided by Dr.Ross at no additional cost so that you can easily appreciate the status of your dentition.  Seeing is not only believing but it can help you understand the treatment options that Dr. Ross will explain.

Electronic Analgesia

Also called Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation (TENS), a 9volt battery creates a “numbing” sensation that will block the pain of drilling and gum work.  Two bandaid like pads are placed on your face adjacent to the tooth or gum that needs work.  Between the two pads you will feel a tingling or numb sensation  that will allow Dr.Ross to perform your treatment without  discomfort.

Computer Monitors with Cable TV

These are placed over each treatment chair so that you can be entertained and distracted while you are being treated.   Chose from over 100 cable TV channels.

Piezzo Ultrasonic Cleaner

The tip of this instrument gently moves at about 2000 cycles per second.  It safely vibrates stain and deposits off your teeth without scraping or cutting.  Deep cleanings can be accomplished without the discomfort of traditional cleaning techniques.

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