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Thank you for your interest in our office!

We are pleased to welcome you to our practice and to have the opportunity to assist you in the maintenance of your oral health. You will find that we will work diligently to always deserve your confidence. Prepare yourself for the most engaging dental appointment you have ever had! Dr. Alan Ross is a “Pankey-trained dentist” who was taught how to treat his patients as individuals, how to do complete examinations, how to take enough time to listen and answer questions fully, and how to create a practice that reflects his own personal values. Isn’t that how you want to be treated?  That’s why you should call Keene Family Dental at 603-357-6767 for a consultation.

Your initial visit will be concerned with the identification of your personal dental health needs and desires.  All emergency complaints and painful situations will be handled immediately.  Our intention is to provide superior service and solutions to the reasons for your consultation with us.

Magnified digital photographs let the patient see what Dr. Ross sees

Our initial exam appointment will give us the opportunity to become well acquainted.  During your visit we will review your medical history, take any necessary x-rays,  perform an oral cancer screening, evaluate the foundation and gum tissues supporting your teeth, check for cavities, broken or worn out restorations, and evaluate the function of your jaw joints and related muscles. Recent technology such as Magnified digital photographs of your teeth, Laser Cavity Detector, Doppler Jaw Joint Evaluator, Electronic Pulp Testor, Transilluminator to detect cracks and fractures, and Digital Microscopic analysis may be utilized as needed (at no additional cost).

We want to know how you feel about your mouth and smile. All our findings will be fully explained and then the many options for treatment will be presented in as much detail as you desire.

Please call Keene Family Dental at 603-657-6767 to schedule your first visit.

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